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Viya History, Vision and Goals:
Viyabank Ltd. established in 1997 provides retail and business banking services all around Cyprus.  Viyabank offers a variety of personal and commercial banking products and services to meet all financial needs of its customers. At Viyabank you always have access to high quality services.  We try to make our expatriate customers feel at home via our two branches and their professional English speaking employees.

Viyabank remains dedicated to constantly developing new products for your specific requirements, and also very keen to listen to customer needs and come with both personal and business solutions.Viyabank's vision is to be aware of the society's needs and requirements and to stay faithfull to these, provide trust to our employees and customers, always be  reliable and provide quality services to our customers  with our professional and friendly customer representatives.We intend to extend and expand our services to our customers from all around the Globe.  Our  Kyrenia Branch  provides Banking services to our expat customers, with our friendly English speaking customer representatives.  We will continue to maintain customer and employee satisfaction at the highest level, to be open to changes, and be creative to meet customer needs and requirements.

Products & Services
  • Loans
  • Personal Banking
  • Private Banking
  • International Transfers
  • Moneygram
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Internet Banking
  • Insurance
  • Banking Services
  • Sell Bonds & Shares

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